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Outstanding and informative,

professional presentations, very well delivered!

  "Absolutely brilliant! The course was succinct in delivering practical

and useful information about the Parkinson's patient with great ideas

& effective ways of being able to help manage this type of condition 

which can be quite complex and challenging at times."

"An excellent course – very well delivered and informative."

"The course has given me a better understanding of how important it is for medication to be given on time."

"My attitude regarding Parkinson’s has totally changed. I am amazed at some of the information I have learned today especially medication timings."


"Feedback forms are brilliant, ……..A good presentation very well delivered, professionally and confidently, were other comments."


"Trainer was very engaging & it was a very interactive session."

"Really enjoyed the seminar today and have really had my eyes opened about  Parkinson’s – a very valuable seminar for my job and I think life generally."

"Very good to understand problems and side effects associated with Parkinson's

- everyone should know these".  

"This course will make me more aware of the challenges faced by people with Dementia – Excellent course"


"I will use the knowledge gained when working in Nursing Homes – Thank you. 

Very informative and clear"


"Excellent Dementia presentation"


"All of this information will be useful in my everyday practice, looking after Dementia patients for respite"

Please get in touch to discuss your Course requirements: 07951 429195 

If not available, then please leave a message - we will get back to you!



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