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One of the leading provider's of Parkinson's and Dementia Training...

COURSES OFFERED:  Please get in touch for full details.


Parkinson’s Explained

This is a half day course which is suitable for all levels of staff working with people affected by Parkinson’s.  It can be tailored to individual requirements. 


Course aims:


  • To increase knowledge and understanding of Parkinson’s.

  • To better understand the needs of people living with and caring for people with Parkinson’s.

  • To identify challenges associated with the symptoms of Parkinson’s, the side effects of the medication and to dispel myths surrounding Parkinson’s.

  • To consider the resources available, including the role of Parkinson's UK, to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s and their Carers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the key challenges of living with Parkinson’s Disease, such as the challenges of mobility, communication and swallowing

  • Understand that each person’s experience of Parkinson’s will be different

  • Identify the importance of drug management

  • Recognise the role of the Parkinson’s UK and the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network

  • Evaluate their own practice and the care of people with Parkinson’s


Community Seminars on Parkinson’s

As well as In House training, Fiona is planning to deliver a series of 'Parkinson’s Explained'

in the community.  These will be added to the web page shortly. 

If you would like further information, then please contact Fiona direct.

The Challenges of Dementia

This is a half day/full day’s course suitable for all levels of staff working with people affected by Dementia.


Course aims:  To provide an understanding of what Dementia is: 

  • To provide an overview of the range of Dementias that exist, their signs and symptoms, common symptoms and the physical symptoms of Dementia.

  • To provide an insight into the rarer types of Dementia.

  • To outline the risk factors in getting Dementia.

  • To recognize the need for a correct Care Pathway for diagnosis.

  • To understand issues around behavior we may find challenging in someone with Dementia and to provide some useful tips on managing behaviour we may find challenging.

  • To provide insight into issues affecting the family/Carers of people with Dementia.

  • To provide an understanding of the experiences, feelings, and needs of people with Dementia and their family/Carers and what it might feel like to have Dementia:


Learning Outcomes:


  • To have gained insight into the feelings, experiences and needs of the person with Dementia.

  • To have gained an understanding of what the term, ‘Dementia,’ means.

  • Gain a knowledge of the different types of dementia, their signs and symptoms.

  • Be able to describe common symptoms of Dementia including some of the physical symptoms of Dementia.

  • To have gained an insight into the rarer forms of DementiaTo have knowledge of the risk factors in getting Dementia.

  • To understand that Dementia affects each person differently.

  • To realise the benefits of receiving an accurate diagnosis of Dementia and understand the impact a diagnosis can have on the person and their family/Carers.

  • To understand issues around behaviour that can be seen as challenging and to gain insight as to why such behaviour can be presented and how such behaviour might be approached.

  • To have gained an understanding of issues affecting both the person with Dementia and their family/Carers and an insight into types of services that can help provide support.

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